The Winery

Located on a hill with a bird’s eye view of the Akhisar plain, the winery sits right in the middle of the Kastro Tireli vineyards. The processing capacity with stainless steel and French Oak tanks is 55 tons of grapes annually. During the harvest, following the cluster and grape selection, the crushed grapes are transferred to fermentation tanks without the aid of a pump. After the fermentation process, the juice is poured into barrels, again only using inclination.
The winery building is comprised of 2 regular floors and the mezzanine floor, where you can find the laboratory. The mezzanine floor is reached through the spiraling staircase, and there you can also reach the catwalk on top of the fermentation tanks. The middle floor, housing the fermentation tanks, is reached through the front yard, where harvested grapes are treated. In order to prevent damage, hand-harvested grapes that are separated from the stems and gently crushed, are placed in custom-made stainless steel containers without the use of a pump; instead, they are poured into tanks over the staircase, with the help of a forklift.

The crushed grapes remain in the tanks for 20-25 days for alcoholic fermentation on their skins. Then, free run juice is taken into barrels that are now located on the bottom floor, in the temperature and humidity controlled cellar. The remaining must in the tanks is pressed and the juice is taken to different oak barrels. The wines are held in 225 liter French oak barrels separately according to their variety, the tank they come from and whether they are free run or pressed.

The aging process takes about 18 months for red wine. The racking operations let the wine come in contact with oxygen allowing it to clarify and stabilize. In the last 3 months of this 18-month process, the blending is done and the wines spend the last 3 months in their barrels as blends. After the completion of the aging, wines are filled into the bottling tank where they are prepared to be bottled.